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Tacoma, United States

Deep House, Drumstep, Future Bass, Garage, Synth Pop

Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist, DJ

On Sep. 1st 2011, my beautiful baby girl was born, but on Aug. 29th, 2014, I was told my lifestyle wasn't suitable enough for me to even have contact with my daughter, because I was a VJ/Promoter and did not have a stable form of income. This was a blow to my well being, as well as my sanity. I decided to go back to college, and I funneled my emotion and distress into my music. Though I felt like I was sloshing through 10 inches of wet snow, I've kept moving forward, and I,ve kept producing music. I eventually paid for a bit of coaching and got some help refining my sound; in addition to my solid new foundation in music theory and years of sound design experience, I plan on bringing a unique and original sound to stages and dance floors across the world. I just hope if I stay positive and focus on my music, as well as my fan base, I can eventually one day get to know my daughter.

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This is my Future House remix of Drake's Da Plug. With me Vjing, another one of many skills

This is another (my only other) Music Video, The track I made while sleeping on a friends couch and working at a Strip Club, and was the first track I feel was properly mastered. I only spent 10 years trying to master my music before it sounded good next to a Beiber track on a pro sound system.

I DJ and VJ at the same time... Promo time!!!

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