Born Simon Behler in Hesse, Germany Simon B. first began releasing music in late 2017. Although his main focus lies in electronic dance music, especially Drum, and Bass, his career in music began in a classical and orchestral realm. Learning to play the flute and later trombone as well as tuba from the age of five years his focus took a drastic shift in 2011 after a friend first introduced him to the world of electronic dance music.

After he instantly fell in love with the pulsing rhythms and the uplifting melodies of that type of music he started experimenting with many genres ranging from trance to dubstep, which lead to many unreleased tracks until now. After two years of military service, he then decided to enroll to study music production in late 2015 in order to further improve his production skills.

In 2017 he then decided it was time to finally step out into the world and release his first EP, which he later called ``Hello World´´. After four months of production, he released his first single from this EP called ``Feel Better´´. A few weeks later two more tracks followed: ``A Vikings Curse´´ and ``Vibes´´, completing his debut EP.

The influence of his orchestral background shows throughout his entire EP, most prominent on the track ``Vibes´´. Mayor inspirations for his switch to Drum and Bass are Keeno, Netsky, and Wilkinson.


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First Single of Simon B's debut EP.

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