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S.Deezy Tha Truth

Tampa, United States


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S.Deezy Tha Truth,was born at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley ca but was raised in East Oakland and South side Richmond Ca.Music for him started at 9 years old in East Oakland on East 25th street.There he was influenced by his uncle Capone and his friend J.H who were members of G.L.P "Get Large Posse"."That record "No Slippin Allowed" is why I'm doing music today" Tha Truth,he says.S.Deezy Tha Truth was almost one of the first rappers to get a record deal in Greensboro Nc in 1998 with RockABlock under the name"S-Dub" which meant "Suckers Don't Understand Business".With Ski Beats making Platinum beats for Jay Z and Sporty Thieves dropping they remix Hit single "Pigeons" Tha Truth got on that ride."I was surprised,Cause at this time I only had been writing for like a year and a half.And I only had been in Greensboro two years,That's why I was surprised" He says.But he didn't sign.He then says "I don't wanna talk about that no more".And then mentioned doing work with Now City,Shows,102 Super Jam."I just really love doing music,This shit is my passion.If I don't never sell a record I'm a still do music.It's like being born again Tha Truth".S.Deezy Tha Truth and two cousin are also the founders of G.B.R which means Greensboro Ryderz.Founded in 2005 with E-Dub and Big Tef.Big Tef, was a member of one of the realist street rap groups called "Enemy Lines".He gave band members in respect to his homies,He says.Calico,Black Ray,Omega,Infrared,Polo and G Scales."Those are the only ones I know rap,But the street team was beast believe me Tha Truth",He says.He then gives a shot out to Artist Magazine,"I wanna give a shut out to Artist Magazine for doing a good job interviewing me.And a big shot out to my dawg Calico da don for making this happen.08-09 our year homie.Grind And Shine Tha Truth". 
In regards to his way of creating music, the man with a master plan declares - "I'm more into being original. So if your looking for sampled music...then you've come to the wrong place. I'm 100% ready! In the studio, i have what it take. There's only two things I need, the beats and a mic to bring my music to life!" S.Deezy ThaTruth started the course with little experience and has now developed into a student with huge potential. He shows a lot of talent through the creation of his music and could do very well if he continues to develop at the rate he's going. He has an excellent attitude towards his studies and characteristics of someone that could go a long way in the game!He says,"William Womack aka Redeye aka Billy Cash taught me everything I know about this music R.I.P My teacher.....Charles Pierce..."I took my life and turned it into music and then turn it into reality...others just leave it a dream"....

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