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Scotty Picasso

Salem, United States


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Im All About Unity, and im on my own shit, if u got a movement and u from my city, lets put em all together. I Love My City And I do this all for yall

Born In Phoenix Arizona as the oldest of 3 kids, as Randolph Obie Scott Turner Jr,  Got His Love and gift for music at a young age. Despite all the heart aches and drama he was faced with, he figured why not channel all the negative energy to the one thing you love and express it that way. There is not alot of things you would want to kno about Scotty That He wont let you kno in future projects, Curious aboout the life Of Randy Scotty Picasso Turner...? Stay Tuned To Me And I WILL FILL YOU IN... THANK YOU AND LOOKING FORWARD TO A LIFETIME WITH EVERYONE WHO LISTENS!!!

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"From Tha Back" Yung H-D Feat Rambo Da Realest

Bob Marley Yung H-D

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