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Los Angeles, United States

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I Rhyme Bullshit Into The Mic And I Call it Music

SCJesse Is A Rap/Hip-Hop Artist From South Central Los Angeles California. As A Youth He Grew Up Listening To Gangster Rap And G-Funk. With Artist Like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Jayo Felony And Many More West Coast Artist. SCJesse Began Making Beats At 16 Years Old Because He Felt Inspired To Make People Feel Something Through Beats The Way Beats Made SCJesse Feel Something. SCJesse Would Go On To Start Recording Music At 21 Years Old But Never Released Any Of It. It Was Not Until 2015 At the Age Of 23 That SCJesse Became More In Love With The Art Of Music, That He Finally Recorded And Released His First Mixtape. SCJesse Has Released 6 Mixtapes As Of April 2016 And They Can All Be Found At . His Style Of Music Is Heavily Influenced By Rap And Hip-Hop But SCJesse Has Also Worked To Integrate A More Ambient Feel Into His Music, And A More Consciously Positive Message. SCJesse is not afraid to show his ignorant side either. Fuck enlightenment and fuck ignorance. I Rhyme Bullshit Into The Mic And I Call It Music.


Composing, Editing, Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Recording, Songwriting

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I Created The Beat, Rapped On It, Mixed It And Mastered It. Featuring Young N.Y. On The Hook/Chorus. Verse Are Mine, I created Them.