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For us, it was important to maintain the focus on the beautiful vocals, so we decided to give the song a poppy, slightly funky, summer sunset feeling, with adding more traditional instruments as guitar and piano and a kind of breathing drumbeat to it. Also we wanted to give the chorus a more sample based feeling so we ended up chopping and editing the chorus vocals into a new part, to have a contrast to the more traditional, less electronic production.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Ryder


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danskio 1 year ago

Love the vocal chop guys!

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Scene Writers 1 year ago

Nice to hear that! Thanks dan!

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Enlis 1 year ago

Beautiful))) Reminded Stereophonics ;)

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Numan Paul 1 year ago

Hey, great remix guys...lovin the guitars and uplifting piano melody, nice vocal editing as well.. sweet work! Check out my remix if you get chance. https://skiomusic.com/numanpaul/ryder-pretty-little-gangster-numan-paul-remix ..Cheers - Numan :)


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