Sheep (Let Me Go)

Performed by Sa'ra Charismata

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About this Song

Sa'ra Charismata's new single "Sheep (Let Me Go)" a Balls N Dress release scheduled for January 2015, is a call for collective reflection in the wake of national and global tragedies, with the insight that peace and equality can only be truly attained when those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who bear the brunt of social injustices. The new single confronts systemic violence and quite bluntly states "War is a business, we’re funding corporate interests."

Posted 3 years ago

8 Stems

All Vocal Wetperformed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Bassperformed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Drumsperformed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep FXperformed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Gtr.performed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Keysperformed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Synths 1performed by SA'RA CHARISMATA
Sheep Synths 2performed by SA'RA CHARISMATA


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