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Canadian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Samson Porter from Vancouver, British Columbia is releasing a new single "Interconnected". The sound is a mixture of The Doors, Nirvana, Sam Roberts, The Beach Boys and Neil Young, whom all have an influence on the music as well as the lyrics. Along with another track  "Wish I'd Known Then", recording was completed at Esher Media in Feburary and March, 2016. Samson currently plans to tour the songs on college radio stations across Canada and eventually North America. 
     Before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to study audio engineering/production at Pacific Audio Visual Institute(PAVI), Samson was traveling eastern Canada performing as a classical guitarist, and writing/composing music for various bands and artists. While studying music composition and performance as a classical guitar major, at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Samson became interested in sound production. He decided to further his studies and moved to Vancouver to attend PAVI in 2012. After which he released two demo LP's, "Call To The Rockies" and "The Red Sheep" in 2013. The albums were a collection of songs composed before and during his time at PAVI. He also composed and orchestrated the theme track for the web series "Ivy Tower", which was nominated for 'Best Composition' in the 2014 L.A. Webfest awards. Also in 2014, Samson released an independent LP entitled "See Your Dreams".  The album is a mixture of pyscedelic and progressive rock. 
     Since the release of "See Your Dreams", Samson has performed at venues such as the Red Room, the Roxy and Studio Records with The Taylor Skelton Band, as well, he has performed solo on CJSF Radio. Samson also performs as vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist for the band River's Divide. Samson continues to write and collaborate with various artist's in Vancouver, as well he continues working on symphonic and big band compostions.


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This is the first single of the "See Your Dreams" album.



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