What I love about Samson is that he is “Original”. You can say that he has a unique blend of this and a blend of that, but truly he has his own “Original” sound. And plus you can hear the total praise in his music. He raps about GOD and all HIS Glory for changing his life and making him see the BIG picture, which is GOD is alive and always in control. And I love that he show that he truly have faith in what he believes in.

Samson shows a REAL PASSION for JESUS CHRIST. From the time his feet hit the floor, til his head hit the pillow in the evening, he is constantly being blessed to come up with such Fye Lyrics. And the best thing about it is that he allows GOD to speak through him. Sounds like a faithful blessed instruments, if I might say so myself. All in all, Samson loves and enjoy what he does and he already is and will continue to be blessed at what he does.
Because GOD is his “FIRST PRIORITY”.


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