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Changes in v2: Adjusted levels to bring out arps and strings (based on feedback, the arps did align with everything else, yet because they were in the background made it feel like they were not aligning), added a fill, made the intro vocal phrases less jarring, added "Eyyy, ohhh" to the bridge section, made gate effect on chord stabs more noticeable and less like a glitch.

This is my approach to ReauBeau's (one of my favorite artists) new collab with Sauvage Noir. The original is more chill, laid back and sort of maintains one idea throughout. I wanted to expand upon this track and make it more "full" and have more elements. This was also an exercise in trying a new style of production, where you don't exactly aim to copy a genre, instead do what comes to mind and make it work. I like this approach much more now and expect to hear more tracks that sound like this in the future...or who knows?

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Posted 3 years ago
Owned by ReauBeau


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Pedro Cordero Tapia 2 years ago

Nice work! Which DAW are you using?

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Fuller Music 2 years ago

I am using ableton suite

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LYON 3 years ago

liked and voted please check mine aswell:D

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ReauBeau 3 years ago

Hey dude, this is dope. Nice flow . Got that fresh prince vibe to it. some music parts seems so be off a bit. (arps)

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Fuller Music 3 years ago

Hey, thanks for leaving feedback - I will make the arps align with the groove more, should make it flow better.

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