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I worked really hard on this one. Deep vocoded sounds and interesting chords. The end is a justice/daft punk drop, the middle is a poppy rap section (Entra-P) and the first drop is something else all together.

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Ryder


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danskio 9 months ago

Love this, Saken - killer hip hop verses!

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DELETE ME 9 months ago

thanks man! you guys wanna partner up on a remix competition. I got some stuff with vocals coming. my soundcloud is www.soundcloud.com/sakenmusic thanks for your time

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Caz 9 months ago

The production on this track is pro. The last drop takes you to a very complex and unique place and the whole darn track is so catchy. The rap section is very tight and definitely adds flavor. I love this remix. Could this be a summer club hit? :)

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variyi 9 months ago

DAMMNN so many different parts, hope you win!


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