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Saint Chiles

Knoxville, United States


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Saint Chiles (CHYLES) is more than just another hip hop artist from Georgia. He brings a fresh, new, unique sound to the world with each new hit.
Born Johnny Marvin Sutherland, April 22, 1985, knew many homes and schools. Hip hop was a way to release how he felt about his life. Raised a Baptist, Johnny entered into the army at the age of 22, little did he know that five years later there would be a turning point in his life on Chiles Avenue that would lead him to his persona for stage, Saint Chiles.
Today Saint Chiles is currently doing a tour called "Beasts of the East". He has recorded 25 tracks, 30 shows with artists like Lil' Flip, Do or Die, and LG Mack and Tazz of Mothugs and getting ready to release his new single on September 11, 2013, "Our Broken World" featuring Stonwall.
He is currently pushing his stats and building a fan base. And only you, the fans, can provide for Saint Chiles' music future.

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