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Really loved the mood of the original track, melodic yet with ominous melancholic overtones. Playing with the stems I found an initial direction coming from putting the bass-lines through and SH101 and CZ1000. Put through generous helpings of reverbs and delay I had something that emphasised that dark brooding melancholy. The beats were constructed in layers, with each one having some kind of distortion or filtering applied to add a scorched burnt feeling. The total rhythmic elements combined with the bass suggested some kind of unstoppable force, almost like a marching machine... industrial, abrasive and dark.
The vocals and guitar lines re-layered in over the top with additional reverb and fX culminated in something very dark and ethereal. Hopefully something a little different as a remix, whilst being respectful of the original; maybe also emphasisng its themes and qualities in a new way!

Posted 5 years ago
Owned by Hoax Artist Mgmt



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