Old school electronic music head with feet planted in the past and present. Regularly delves into both the dark and light, melodic and atonal. 
Produces music under several moniker's, "The Rosen Corporation" for vintage synth explorations, "Non Dreamers" for darker electro synth glitch and IDM, "Holoscanner" for found sound, self sampling and general weirdness, and of course S.A Fred for music thats mainly on the mellow side. Regularly collaborating with several artists on Soundcloud, enjoy remixing and being remixed, do mixes for "Terminal Radio", so feel free to message me if your interested in a collab!


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SoundCloud Tracks

A track evolved from an SH101 baseline. A short ode to the wonders of international travel, put through a minimal style electronic filter.

A short soundtrack to computer generated architectural visualisation. Melodic and trance like sequences as a hat tip to the Berlin school, with a euphoric ending.

Another hat tip to the Berlin School. Down tempo electronic beats floating over bubbling sequences and smooth chilled pads...

One of my retro synth pieces created via "The Rosen Corporation" moniker. Mellotrons, Moogs, and ARP's abound, inspired by the film "2001 A Space Odyssey", as Frank Poole is eliminated by Hal.

Moody downtempo track taking inspiration from the art of Jean Giraud Moebius.

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