A soulful rasp, clever lyrics of heartbreak, a blend of vintage soul & contemporary r&b & pop, and an unmatched hustle; Ruben Young is an emerging voice from Calgary, Alberta and the founder of the 50 Days YYC music festival.

From childhood talent shows, to high school and college bands, to Canadian Idol top 50 in 2008, to a finalist in vse hleda talent (Prague Czech Republic) to performing in over 100 live shows, ruben has become notorious for creating an unforgettable experience on stage. Along with a strong online presence (+250,000 views on YouTube), he is becoming one of Canada's artists to watch.


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Using his soulful rasp, this Steve Rokosh song features a brooding cinematic ambiance as Young recants a toxic relationship. Left used and emotionally and mentally abused by an ex flame, the powerful grasp she once had on him and his heart is evident from his gut wrenching hurl. Specks of his pain slices the air, pleading someone to return his foolish bleeding heart from the lecherous red lipstick wearing hellion that struts the night with a path of seared destruction.


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