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Port Arthur, United States

Southern Globe Records

Blues, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, R&B

Musician, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Everyone know of Pimp C, Bun-B, and Mr.Boomtown..... Although, little that the world knows about is that the talented citizens in my hometown. Their's a new generation of artist roaming here, and I'm one of the few. I consistently work on music because it's something i love doing 24/7. "Life is Music" when you need to wake up (beeps from a alarm or a simple tune). I've study Audio Engineering back in 2012-2013, meanwhile i was making my first Studio Album "TheWorldsGreatest". With me having the knowledge of knowing how to compose many instrumentals then produce full-length songs, Music is my domain. Heck, even people ask me for help sometimes when it comes to editing and recording. Think of me as the Kanye West of Port Arthur, Texas.

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#Journey is a track that identifies that fact that I'm from Port Arthur, Texas trying to do what i love doing best... Making music.

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