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I wrote the (unusual 😊) lyrics to Immortal Souls in 2003- my vocal recordings are from 2004 and 2005 and was recorded with a PC mic in my living room, so the quality is not that great – neither is my voice – but you use what you have… XD

I’ve used some time to compress and added saturation on some of the lower parts (bass and beat) to make the sound crispier. Also widen the sound specter to make more room for the layers of sound.
Added a big reverb on my vocals intentionally to make it less sharp in addition to a lot of adjustment in the EQ and removal of noise and clippings and fixed some timing issues etc.

The song is about the question of afterlife, and if our souls live on after we die. I believe our soul lives on in every one’s memories (part of our legacy) if not as an individual entity. But who knows, maybe we are our own descendants?

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