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First of all big thanks to SKIO Music and Maxwell Aden for hosting this remix contest! It's a great honour to be able to make a remix of this amazing track!

I'm still a rookie as I've only started producing for 2 to 3 months, and I haven't even made my first track yet! I've made a couple of remixes, and this is my third. I've spent a few days finishing it, so I hope anyone who has happened to come across my remix presses that play button!

Please, please give it a listen! I know it's not good, it's below average, it might be really bad, but please take a listen and leave feedback! I really need other's opinions in order to improve.

Wish yáll a happy day!

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by Maxwell Aden


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Edhy Rushman 6 months ago

Nice job, good luck! I invite you to listen to my remix > https://skiomusic.com/r/XyU

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Dc0d3r 6 months ago

Great work I like the drum pattern .hope you'll listen to my song too. Stay safe and stay healthy peace.


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