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Chai is an oriental drink, so I decided to make a trap beat backed by an oriental orchestra... The song starts with a dark 2-chord progression and a harmonized lead melody to represent a rebel without a cause. Then at the bridge, the tone changes to a mighty and badass 4-chord progression. The last hook contains the same lead melody as in the beginning, but this time with different harmonies for an epic and dramatic finale. Turn up your stereos! Intro:Orchestral...Verse1:Orchestral Trap...Hook:Orchestral Trap...Verse2:Tribal Trap...Hook:Orchestral Oriental Trap...Bridge:Trap...Hook Finale:Tribal Orchestral Oriental Trap...Breakdown:Orchestral Oriental Trap

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Vintage Currency



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Johnny Gr4ves - Chai

by Vintage Currency

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