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Young, courageous, humble, Upcoming Teen DJ/Producer in the Music industry.

Discovering a hidden talent in April of 2008 Røka Fela started out with a laptop and “Virtual DJ”. Being a young child, Røka Fela decided to leave this and let it fly by until the summer of 2012 when he was asked to fill in for another DJ at a social, the result…a success!

As an upcoming DJ, Røka Fela is a self taught DJ, teaching himself the skills of beatmatching and seamless mixing. In 2014 he was blessed with the chance of meeting David McCleave, also an upcoming DJ/Producer, who showed Røka Fela Apple’s Logic Pro X. Immediately, Røka was hooked onto it and from that day onwards, he began producing on Logic ditching the ill-fated FL Studio.

This resulted in him growing his productions and by fate, had the chance to complete the Music Production 101 course hosted by Avi Mackanjee (The legendary producer behind Gangs Of Ballet). He also partook in another Music Prodcution 101 course but this time this was the DJ Course. In the music production course, Røka Fela had broaden his knowledge of the production world especially learning about clipping, EQ, compression, mix down and master. In the DJ course, Røka Fela learnt more in depth about different mixing techniques/skills like phasing the song using two decks, scratching, learning the Pioneer CDJ 2000s and Traktor. At the end of the course there was an awards ceremony where Røka Fela picked up the Most Improved Producer and Best DJ. Also using the skills he learned of communication from the DJ Course, Røka Fela landed himself a gig at the 2014 edition of the I Believe Youth Festival in Durban, making it Røka Fela’s first ever festival appearance. In the same year Røka Fela become truly blessed when he met his manager Cameron Paton, who landed him his first major festival appearance, H2O Africa. This was a huge stepping stone to really launch his career.

Now a resident DJ at Beach Bums and working hard to improve his productions, Røka Fela has been working towards his productions with the plans of releasing a 7 track EP in early 2016 and to host a weekly online show titled “DEP/\RTVRES” in December, 2014 and 2015 proved to be a year of growth for Røka Fela.

Røka Fela has met a number of Internationals, Including Aly & Fila and DJ Juicy M.

2016, Røka Fela is making waves in the industry!


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