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Born and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada - Roel was already listening to music when he was a child. He remembers the melodic sax in smooth jazz and the soulful singing of 90's R&B music in his dad's vehicle or playing in the house. Through out his childhood he was in many activities, he lost interest and found something that stood out to him, music. His first instrument was piano, but thought it wasn't for him so he took guitar lessons.

In his adolescence, Roel and his classmate both created a band. They were making their own music, writing, and performing at school events, venues, and battle of the bands. At 16, he wrote an acoustic song EP, posted it online, and shared his music - Hoping that he gets recognition. A few months later, he found that one of his songs was being played at a indie clothing shop in Canada. This was when he started becoming passionate about Music Production, Engineering and Songwriting.

At 18, Roel was learning from the best producers at Nimbus School of Recording Arts and Media in Vancouver, BC. Roel graduated from Advanced Music Production and moved back to his small town to focus on music producing and writing songs for artists.

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