Rodrigo Panassolo is musician, composer and music producer. He started professionally in music field at the age of 15, initially as a bassist and guitarist, accompanying performers and composers in various presentations by cultural spaces in the city. It was in 2007 that the composer had his first song recorded. Performed by Chimarruts, nationally recognized band, “Não Deixe de Sonhar” (Don’t stop Dreaming) became the main inedited song and was included on live DVD and CD, released by EMI.
Beside the musician Nicola Spolidoro, Rodrigo signed the musical direction of the show Dospésàcabeça - Tap Dance & Music, for which he received Açorianos Award nomination for best soundtrack in 2009. Beside the musician Gelson Oliveira, received the Award for Best Production in Açorianos Award (2010) by the CD Ziringuindim, from the singer- songwriter Zilah Machado. In 2011, he created a new music label, with the partners Ana Lonardi, Edu Martins, Leo Bracht and Gisele De Santi, sympathetically baptized “Formiga Records” (Ant Records) in allusion to the ant work of its creators to conceive the careful project.


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Song by Rodrigo Panassolo and André Fay performed by Rodrigo Panassolo - guitar and vocals  Sidmar Vieira - trumpet Giovanni Barbieri - keyboards Sidiel Vieira - acoustic bass Kabé Pinheiro - drums Video director - Gustavo Vargas cameras - Gustavo Vargas, Rafael Pisciottano and Daniel D2 audio recording - Gustavo Breier and Guilherme Almeida audio mixed by Rodrigo Panassolo Recorded live at São Paulo From the EP "Verdade ou Consequência Studio Session"

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Song by Rodrigo Panassolo performed by Rodrigo Panassolo - guitar and vocals Jorginho do Trompete - trumpet José Milton Vieira - trombone Edu Martins - synth bass Rafa Marques - drums Fenando Sessé - percussion Arrangement by Vagner Cunha From the album "Versos Dobrados" - (2012)

Song by Rodrigo Panassolo performed by Rodrigo Panassolo - guitar and vocals Edu Martins - acoustic bass Marquinhos Fê - drums Luiz Mauro Filho - piano Fenando Sessé - percussion From the album "Versos Dobrados" - (2012)

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