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It's like a "Chill Version" of the original song. I made it only with the demo of FL20. I made the subbass with the gms synth and the pluck with harmor. i tried to keep as much as possible from the original sounds.
DEFUNK really did a great work!

much love - RoboticScientist

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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Isak Dahling 2 years ago

Really nice, i like it! I've made a remix of Make Me Yours, check it out if you got time! :)

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MISJAX 2 years ago

Hey , I love this remix and if you , like mine check out mine ... Thanks ...

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Manu Lik3 2 years ago

Hi Friend i just like your song nice work :) and im would like to collab in new songs if you want write me a message.


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