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And now something different. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this version!
Update 2020-01-04: lowered Pizzicato String volume and added little more reverb to the strings bus (thanks to 2Sxmmer)
Update 2020-01-05: lowered initial Cymbal when voice starts...
Update 2020-01-12: re-positioned the orchestra in the room to (hopefully) improve the version
Update 2020-01-17: finally added two dynamic bell eqs for Lukas' voice at around 2 and 4 kHz to unharsh his voice and lowered his overall voice 1dB

Posted 3 months ago
Owned by Lukas Graham


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gnus 3 months ago

Hey! Love your remix! Can you give feedback on mine and a like if you actually like it, I already liked yours it´s pretty cool congrats! https://skiomusic.com/r/gnN

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Anon 3 months ago

Hi ! please leave feedback on our Brazilian bass remix. Thanks a lot. https://skiomusic.com/anon420/lukas-graham-lie-anon-remix

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2Sxmmer 3 months ago

Great approach, I like especially the refrain with its build-up. The plucked string could have slightly lower volume for my taste. Some reverb could be added overall (currently sounds like sitting in the middle of the orchestra rather than sitting in the audience). Keep it up, great idea!

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Robert Hirschmann 3 months ago

Thanks a lot and thank you for your detailed feedback. You're right: the Pizzicato Strings volume should be decreased a little bit. I will bounce and upload a new version with "fresh ears" ;) soon... Have nice weekend!

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