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Started out pretty young in the squat scené around nintencore & breakcore but moved on to breakcore and jungle and a different allias in 2011 RK9 plays and produces a violent combination of Liquid Drum & Bass, Breakcore and crossbreed with support from around various scené's and different labels doing VIP Remix for various Dubstep & DnB labels. And founded 2C-Broadcast together with the prototype being the only hard DnB label in the Hague but also made several appearnces at District 9, Langweiligkeit, Benchmark Sessions and the PRSPCT stage on Eendracht Festival (Rotterdam), PRSPCT RVLT Festival 
His productions since 2015 got several radio plays. And is played on the internet. 
Also he made several podcasts in that year Satanicast for example.


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Unsigned hardcore-Drum 'N Bass track straigh from the underground

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