Logan Eiselt, aka RIPTID3, is an American electronic music DJ/Producer, born in Oakland, CA, Currently living in Northeast Kansas. He is currently working on fulfilling his dream of becoming a worldwide Future bass/Melodic Trap DJ/producer. He is inspired by Dj’s Illenium, San Holo and Hardwell.
Logan grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area for his first seven years, residing back and fourth between Dallas, TX throughout his life. He spent many years going to the California beaches and feels happiest and at peace while there. His tranquil and relaxed feelings from the ocean is where he gets inspiration for his brand name, RIPTID3, as well as the chill vibes he spreads through his music.
Logan self taught himself to play piano from an early age and began producing music from his 9th grade year of high school forward.
A few years later, Logan enlisted in the United States Military to better his life, and from there discovered and fell in love with EDM music as a genre, a community, and a culture as a whole. In July of 2018, Logan went out to Guitar Center and purchased his first dj controller and speakers and has been practicing almost every day since.
Logan intends to continue to Dj and produce his own songs to share to the community and desires to spread positive vibes throughout his music. He has been gaining a tremendous support from his friends and family and continues to grow his fan base, his brand, and himself as an artist. He is beyond greatful and extremely blessed to be apart of this beautiful journey and can’t wait to see you at his next show!


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This is a melodic trap single I made before I joined SKIO

This is a future bass remix I made before I joined SKIO

This is a Future Bass collab I did with my buddy LYFZGD!

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