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Mr Ricky Saï Saï

Paris, France


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Reggae Ragga singer composer beatmaker and dj from france in the game since 1985...

Mr Ricky is a founder member of the Saï Saï duo alongside Ramses Ooki. He's one of the"veterans" of the french Mc and Deejaying reggae scene from paris and its outskirts. He started in 1985 as a Mc picking up mic's in local sound systems from Paris to Marseille to London and Kingston, Sarajevo and Bogotà. Carrying his singing and deejay style with conscious militant and positive lyrics with a drop of poetry and a lot of sense of humor in french, english and spanish. He's been touring a lot from these days, ruffly 2000 shows in europe and worldwide. He released during the 90's about 4 Saï Saï LP's with french hits like "Le Ragga ca l'fait" , "La rime paye" and also 32 recordings on various labels such as Virgin Records with the track " Rouleur 'à l heure" in the various artist record "Rapattitude" Vol .1 in 1990 sold about 300.000 copies and led french ragga music to another level of popularity in France.
Mr Ricky is also a member of the " Cumbia Rockers Allstars" crew a membership of artists and musicians from France and Colombia mixing Cumbia, Electro and Reggae music since 2009.
By the year 2011 he recorded 3 tracks in Czech republic on a Various artist record "Sklizen"produced by Cocojahmin and winner of the local czech grammy award "Andel" for the best Ska Reggae Album in 2011.
Back in France he recorded the track "Digital Mind" produced by Manu Digital warmly supported by internet reggae fans. As a big Reggae music fan, he decided to call his artists and "Selecters" friends to perform on his monthly sunday event; "RUB A DUB SUNDAY" a place where u can dance and listen to some rare grooves of vintage reggae mixed from real vinyl records from the 60's to the 90's.
In 2013 Mr Ricky decided to produce and write a new EP at home with his own equipment (a special mix of vintage and new instruments) 5 groovy tracks and 3 versions showing the strong Rub a Dub personality of the artist and his 30 years of Reggaexperience. Now in 2015 he recorded the track "Chant Reggae Syle" on the "Narsk rob a dob" riddim release by the norvegian label Luckee Records alongside Sleepy Wonder, Jah Tea and Dizzet...Stay tuned..!!

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