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This song is totes experimental: a trap acapella on a elettronic reggae base. The vocal made by 360 no scope feat. Lil trafic from the trap life vol 1 sample pack. Vocal and ad-libs are heavy processed with izotope nectar 3, autotuned, with a detuned harmony made by 3 voices forming a G#min chord. The Layered kick is made by a sample from singomatic and D16 punchbox. The track featured two bass line, one made with serum and a sub bass made with roland SH-101. Vocal Synth by serum, Reggae classic guitar from Native instrument soundburst plugin for Kontac, percussion from the ableton percussion rack. Chord progression is unusual and jazzy: G#m/C#m/G#m(7b5)/Emaj7 giving a deep tension, progression never seems to resolve, and the reagge is melted into trap atmospheres Hope you'll enjoy listening, leave a comment and like. R.G.

Posted 1 year ago
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