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The final release - A powerfull techno track for a delightful voice. A multi layered kick, fx from outer space, 80's flavour synth, everithing to make the track moar techno, so please listen and enjoy, like and leave a comment !

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Jodie Aysha


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Vega Missile 3 months ago

This is a cool techno track, great and psychedelic ambiance ! We can feel the 80's :) Maybe you should give a try with more drive to some of the tracks, to give it an analog feel ? A few subtle variations on the drums could be nice too. I you want to go hardware, I would use something like the old BX800 mixer !

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Ricky Gallo 3 months ago

Thanks mate for your review, I put a newer version with several improvments and the final master.

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