Born in South Africa, Cape Town and moving to the UK when I was 7 years old, I have been trying to establish myself as a Dubstep Remix Artist/DJ as well as being a 17 yrs Experienced Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Programmer and Graphic Designer.

My appreciation for music came at a very early age of around 3Yrs due to being in a totally musical environment, I then developed a keen sense for rhythm and song structure over the next 20 years through drumming, honing my skills within songwriting together with my best friend, Nick Thom.

- [Nick Thom is a brilliant metal/rock rhythm & lead Guitarist based in Plymouth currently playing in the newly founded [2014] Rock/Indie/Blues band 'Southern Storm'. Check them out here: @southern-storm-uk

Now 25 years of age, I have spent the last few years improving on a newly found passion for DJ Mixing and Electronic Music Creation, varying in a vast amount of different styles including Deep Dubstep, Psystep, Reggae Drum & Bass, Heavy Bass Dubstep, Ambient Jazz Crossover Dub & Reggae Dub all with a Reggae Vibe core..

Family influence was my biggest inspiration in literally all music related achievement - one of them being completing a BTEC National Diploma in Music in 2011 after having to move during my first course in the second year and having to redo the whole course!

My Father 'Greg Glover' was a seasoned cover artist during the late 70's-80's & 90's, playing music from bands such as Toto, Journey, Crowded House & other pop rock bands and was instrumental in backing me all the way.

Rikki Glover (Brother) was also another big part of my life in music, developing himself as a Lead Rock/Indie Guitarist, now turned professional, he is playing throughout a huge majority of London via Session work, Guitar Lessons etc and plays frequently with the awesomely energetic Rock/Blues band 'Jim Stapley' :


Completed Projects:

- RhyZe I, II, & III + upto XI (12, 13 + 14 Released on 25th MAY) ...

- UB40 DRuMDuB Vol. I & II - Live Drum over & Re-mastered

- Tenerife Drafts - True cover to come

- Dub Machines (Part One) - Still Ongoing

- A Dubstep Tribute To Robin Williams - Featuring Reso, Lurka, Knife Party & TMSV.

Music Gear & Equipment:

- Acoustic - Tama Rockstar 5pc Drum Kit with Sabian AAX Cymbals 3pc, Pearl: Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal (Dbl Chain), Evans Skins, Rodgers Vintage Dyna Sonix snare and Pearl piccolo snare.

- Mic's & Soundcard: Shure SM58, iPad and Asus D2X Loopback (Strictly ASIO Asus Driver/Full Deplex recording only)

- Traktor S4 DJ Controller MK1

- Music & PC Software: Logic, Garageband, Cubase 5, Fruity Loops, Ableton, Pro Tools, Audacity (Qucik Mastering), AVS Music Converter and Finally Traktor Pro 2 as the main music creation method used at present.


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