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17 Year old music producer from the western suburbs of Sydney Australia. specializing in all forms of electro and EDM

Rhys Frohreich was born on the 26th of September 1997 in the western suburbs of Sydney, NSW.
In 2008 Rhys began to experiment with mixing music with simple programs such as Audacity, It wasn't untill
2009 that Rhys found FL Studio through a classmate, he got home that day and downloaded the demo.
He spent the next few years putting loops together and playing around with the program.

In 2011 Rhys released his first song on youtube, it was a hardstyle song tittled "Space Whales".
After that Rhys begain to upload frequently, He published a total of 10 Hardstyle songs, before he started
experimenting with other Genre's of music Releasing a song tittled 'In Da' House"
After that he began to produce more house and electro.

On april 6th 2012 he released his first DNB track "Sky High" which was followed by "Step At A Time' Which thanks
to youtube promotion hit 1,700 Views His highest viewed video of that time.

Rhys released his first album tittled "Plenty Of Pleasure" on May 26th, Which although diddnt recieve that many views
he learnt a lot about producing different genre's of music. On October 21st He released his second album tittled
"Drop It Like...Bass!" Where he experimented with making different basses, and Dirty electro Chorus's.
In his eyes his album was a huge success.

November 24, 2012 He released a remix to Sweedish House Mafia's Track "Don't You Worry Child" Which featured
A different take on the melody which was made to a "Klassy" Rhythem. This video reached a Total of 24,000 Views
And is one of the most popular remixes of this song on youtube to date.

January 8,2013 He produced a Dubstep track featuring basses constructed 100% by him from the teachings of Seamless,
He than went on to Collabarate with artist AuX to produce "Hey Fry" Which sparked his desire to Produce Dubstep.

March 2nd, 2013 He remixed Avicii & Nicky Romero's Track "I Could Be The One" To Dubstep Which reached a total
of 1,700 Views.

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