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London, United Kingdom


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About ReWanche

Bass Music producer/Dj and songwriter from London, UK.

"ReWanche (Daniel Pityo, 17 May 1990, Budapest, Hungary) is ) is a music producer, DJ, musician and songwriter.

After more success remix contests and his debut in Berlin, in 2013 he released his first demo EP 'Wrong Way' at Eklipse Recordings, from which song is called 'Rock The Bass' -among others- the Vital EDM is also promoted. In 2014 he released his next demo 'Social Gladiators'.

He started to work on his debut album in 2016 which one is going to be released in September of 2016.
- Daniel has played in a metalcore band for 5 years as the lead guitarist."

Showcase tracks

HMNTY with a super talented singer from my "Social Gladiators" EP.

Rock The bass from my first EP.