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Digital Record Label

Renegade Alien Records
is an  , multi genre, digital label.  We are featured on over 400 digital download sites worldwide including all of the heavy hitters such as:  Beat Port, Audio Jelly, I-Tunes, and Drum & Bass Arena.  Your music will be in the face of every DJ or fan looking for music.  We represent producers from all over the world, and stop at nothing to have their tracks heard by all.  We utilize the same distribution house as some of the biggest names in EDM, and pop, guaranteeing you the highest quality, professional standards that are required by the best.
    Renegade Alien Records is owned and operated by a very small team, of dedicated individuals with over 40 years combined knowledge base in the electronic dance music industry.  Renegade Alien Records staff consists of:  DJ's, producers, and promoters, actively involved in the EDM industry, maintaining awareness of its consistently progressive nature.  We constantly strive to create, and utilize new and innovative ideas, that are focused on sharing your music with the entire world.
    Renegade Alien Records is a family built on integrity, honesty, and the pure love of dance music.    We look forward to working with you-Renegade Alien Records.

Showcase tracks

Renegade Alien Sewer Pipe Copyright 2016

Renegade Alien MR. Robot Copyright 2016

Renegade Alien Deep Down Copyright 2016

Renegade Alien Departure (Album) Copyright 2016