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DJ and Music Producer has been passionate about music his whole life.  He was surrounded by music as a child in El Paso, Texas, thanks to his musician father, and began playing the drums at the age of nine.  After moving to Rosemead, California, his new friends introduced DJ Reivax to the burgeoning hard house scene, setting him on a course that would shape his life.  When his DJ friends needed breaks from spinning, they would ask DJ Reivax to take over the decks.  Despite not knowing what he was doing at first, he eagerly took up the challenge and began practicing at his friends’ houses until he finally got his own pair of turntables.  “I would practice day and night,” he says, “I wouldn’t leave my room unless my mix sounded somewhat decent.”  His taste in music continued expanding and he began listening to hip hop, disco, funk, and nearly any other genre popular at the time.  His musical influences include N.W.A., Metallica, Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tupac Shakur, among others.  The passion DJ Reivax feels for music is apparent in his work as a DJ/Music Producer.  “I love music.  I love to see people have a good time.  Every time I’m at the club, I give it my best because people paid to get in the club and I want to give them the best I have.”


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REIVAX takes the Original track "All The Way UP" by Fat Joe Ft. French Montana and Remixes it to Electro House!

Reivax Remixes the song "Outside" by Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding. Take a listen, as he adds his style it.

Enjoy this Remix by Reivax. Blame by Calvin Harris Ft John Newman

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