Reid Zakos is a groovy and theatrical performer that oozes 'Gay Hercules Glam', wild inspiring freedom, and raw talent. He has always been equally prolific and sensitive with his songwriting. Born in Calgary from a musical family, his sound is a unique blend of Dance Pop, EDM, and NuDisco. Theatrics, dance, fashion, and bright jazzy vocals all showcase his message of self-acceptance, fantasy, and freedom. With a YouTube channel that has over 90,000 views, Reid first got noticed and played on CiTR Radio's QueerFM radio program in Vancouver. Inspired by Greek mythology, new-wave, the LGBTQ2+ community, and artists like Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani, Reid has always been a dynamic queer entertainer and deeply creative soul. With a shiny new pride anthem single "Gladiator", Reid is ready to shine and rise!


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This is the first visual for my latest single "Gladiator"

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