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Born July 14, 1994 in Montgomery, Alabama as CorDerrian Marquez Asberry. As a kid he would take things he saw on a daily and make raps about them. When he was six he moved to Birmingham due to his parents getting a divorce. it was there in the first grade where he wrote his first song. Ever since Regal has had the dream of being a hip-hop artist. Growing up Regal was in and out of several different school systems. the experiences altered his perception on the way he was living. He then began to put more time into his music. Writing since a child, Regal didn't actually record a song till his junior year in high school. He would record vocals on to his ipod and sync it with the instrumentals on his computer. The songs he would record were for his person entertainment. When he played his songs for his friends he would get positive feedback. Not focusing on the hype he was receiving from his friends, he made a song his senior year as a tribute to the graduating seniors and lost classmates. The song brought upon heavy praise from his classmates and even teachers. During his last days of high school he put together a mixtape in a week and released it on graduation day. The tape was titled, Congratulations: Welcome to the Price of Fame, and released under the pseudonym Smashgrand. Shortly after graduation, he released another mixtape titled Black during the summer. At the the end of the summer Regal was dropping hints of another mixtape to be released in 2012, but it was set aside due to his transition into college. Trying to focus on academics, he put music on the back burner. As time went on through his school career he lost interest in school and realized that he wanted to pursue his dream as an artist. He started focusing more on his music and began to push for his dreams. His sophomore year he began working on what would be his first studio mixtape. Throughout the process he reinvented himself and released the mixtape Congratulations on his birthday under the name Regal.


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