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Don't forget to listen to my Newest remix and continue to support me to be a champion in this remix contest because it is thanks to your prayers and your support that God willing I will achieve success,Aamiin....

Thanks to:
Allah SWT
The Chainsmokers
My Parents
My Brother n Sister
Acil Pro Gaming
Wiyana Sakti
Osvaldo Nugroho
All my friends
All my friends(Class B Informatics)
All my friends(Squad Incu Abah)

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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Ghemix 9 months ago

Hey REFAJ! I just listen your remix, good job! :) If you have a moment, I would appreciate you listening to my remix. Best luck for you!

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REFAJ 9 months ago

Ok thanks if you like my remix...

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