Bass Music Producer, DJ, and sculptor of sound waves.

Juan Carlos Contreras was born in Bogota, Colombia, also known as the land of a thousand rhythms. There, he was surrounded by the warmth and the uplifting sounds of traditional Colombian music. Later immigrating to Canada, he found a second home in Vancouver, BC, where he was introduced to electronic music and since then, life has carved out a groove, destined for the music industry.

The undeniable love for music pushed him to attend school for Audio Engineering and Music Production at Harbourside Institute of Technology, to expand his musical knowledge and talents, with aims to bring something new to the art form. Since graduation he's had the pleasure of meeting many more amazing individuals that shared the very same passion. As of now he's had the pleasure of performing at IUG Multiverse Halloween, Curiosity Music Festival, Summer Bass 2016, Phoenix Music Festival 2015, as well as other events throughout Vancouver and the Okanagan. He's had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Defunk, Kermode, Jpod, Skuzz Sound, and Maxx Ammo.

His main focus now is to keep creating new music and sounds, aiming to spread the power of music to as many other minds as possible, in hopes of creating the same enlightenment that started it all.


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