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Hilversum, Netherlands

Heroic Recording , Wolgang records

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About reaubeau

future bass, trap producer from the netherlands

Combine future music and hip hop - reaubeau - a fresh new sound in the area of bass music. Influenced across the whole spectrum of music and with a lot of expierence reaubeau is now ready to show the world what he has in store. Heavily inspired by modern culture pop music, this is where the road will lead him. Creating real songs with a real story behind it. With influenced like Mr. Carmack, Hans Zimmer and John Williams he can create the sound of the coming years, with his own magic on top of his tracks.

Reaubeau is multi talented musician who's boundaries are only restricted by what a computer can do. Last year he made a stunning remix of the fugees and with a lot of work still waiting for releases, he has a bright future ahead of him.

Showcase tracks

A bootleg i have done from the "The Fugees track : Ready or not !

“My World” EP. It has been made by hip hop/bass producer ReauBeau and stands out as a smooth listening two-piece collection. Comprising of the title track, a blissed out, gently grooving number featuring Bo Boom and André and “Paradise” ft. Leah, both tunes are hard to ignore. The latter provides a glowing vocal energy and emphasis on rhythmical accuracy – Reau Beau’s technical ability is never in doubt with this release. "Nerdyframes"