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The song starts with all reggaeton and cumbia beats giving a sense of grooviness to the audience of moving their body from the start... at the bridge everything gets quiet on account of giving the audience an unexpected twist and then hooks up the chorus with intensity lifter and alarms making everything chaotic and making the audience expect for something really heavy to hit and as the buildup finishes the drop comes as something that was expected, really bassy and Hard making the crowd go nuts and let em headbang on that, after the drop finishes you can expect something even heavier coming your way as a really heavy bass starts to pitch up and then there's a bit of twist... the drop comes with the moombah grove making the audience go nuts again and dance to it with full potential... and that's something you can really expect from this genre and when the drop ends the sub drop is heard at the end which ends the song and makes everything quiet again

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Reapecks


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Reapecks- Shinzuki (Original Mix)


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