Rohan Bonsu (RB Keys) is an award winning Canadian record producer, Songwriter and Pianist. At the age of 8, Keys was introduced to music by his mom buying him a toy Keyboard. He had a good ear for music and was able to play songs programmed on the keyboard pretty quickly by just listening to them. His mom then put him in to music school where he attended for 3-4 years which he then dropped out and learned to play more professionally on his own. At age 15 in high school he started taking a production class where he would learn to produce by the guidance of his teacher, and by age 16, he was given the FL Studio program by his brother who was also learning producing. He has been making beats and producing since. He is very versatile and can make music in many genres, but really enjoy doing beats with piano in it. Keys is known for his production with dancehall artists Ding Dong [Party Fever (2018)], Trigz [Bare Back (2019)], and Canadian artists, Delaney Jane, Kay L & TomE. He is also known for his instrumentals on youtube and piano covers and videos. In 2018 he won an YYC Award for his production on his song "Sail Away" feauturing Kay L, DJ Newboy, Bobby Soul & Bobby Blast'em. In 2018 & 2019 he was a part of the "Battle of The BeatMakers" world beat battle competition. He is currently working on upcoming projects with artists Massari, Peter Jackson, DSTNY (Tory Lanez Sister), Juno The Artist, and others.


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