My name is Mads-Robin Gundersen Solum and I come from Arendal located in Aust-Agder in Norway. I am 23 years old, have made music as a hobby for about 8 years now. so thought I'd try to get shared it online. When I make music I start usually with playing on the piano, just to play a bit, until I come in or find a melody that I think can be used. So you could say that almost all my songs are made based on a piano melody I created. Also like to remix other people's songs, to go through the most of their work. Teaches me a lot and gives me a lot when I'm allowed by others to make a remix of the his master works. Is not very good with mixing vocals yet, what I still coach me on. With favorite Trance / Dance / EDM, and I simply must have with piano in the songs, so hope some of my music appeals to some of you. But as long as I myself enjoy what I do so I'm going to continue as long as I can stand.

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This is my remake of Galantis song Firebird, I recorded the piano try to get real piano in the song and remastered the vocal, and started with only vocal and the piano i recorded. Why i made a remake almost like the original? Like the original, but I didn't get the boost, just feel that something was missing, so I made a new melody to the song based on the original. But I love making remake and remix of song, remake I learn most, and that feeling you get wen you listens to it and it almost sound like the original one, that just awesome, and you think "I just made that wow"

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