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DJ RAS-I-DOOR has been in the DJ scene in Sweden since 1985.

I started 2 buy records 1977 and I been collecting REGGAE vinyl since the 70´s.

First DJ GIG was in Västerås 1985

In 1988 DJ RAS-I-DOOR moved 2 the Capital of Sweden / Stockholm

DJ RAS-I.DOOR originaly play REGGAE

Also know 2 play HOUSE MUSIC , RNB , HIP HOP , DUPSTEP

I have been playing at Carlson , Melody , Dailys , Cafe Opera ,Sture Companiet , Laroy , Kharma , Snaps , Metro , Mango , Berns , K2 , K.G.B , Debaser and in local small clubs in Stockholm. CLUB 33 i Solna and so on..

Östersund , Gävle , Uppsala , Västerås , Lund , Nyköping , Norrköping , Göteborg and some other small towns all over Sweden including " Hultsfred Festivalen " and " Stockholm Water festival "

From 1994 - 2000 DJ RAS-I-DOOR was the Host and DJ at MRS 90,5 FM with a REGGAE / Dancehall show every saturday from 21:00-24:00. " REGGAE JAM "

And also 2½ years at the Internet radio VIBES 46 , every sunday from 16:00-18:00.

1998 DJ RAS-I-DOOR & Governor Andy went to Italy and ROME to meet up with the BIG CHAMPION SOUND

In 1999-2000 ...DJ RAS-I-DOOR went to Jamaica ... this was his 5th time to Jamaica since 1985

And this time DJ RAS-I-DOOR vent with Papa Dee and Chilly White... and DJ RAS-I-DOOR did a Documentry about Papa Dee´s journey to Jamaica and Swedish Televison did broadcast the Doucmentry on SVT2
" Musikbyrån " 2002

From 2003 and forward on to 2009.. DJ RAS-I-DOOR went in to the Action Sport and Exxtreem Sport scen... and did World Championship preformance at the competition and afterpartys at World Championship in Snowsledge / Motorcross and also RED BULL BIG JUMP in Åre and also the BATTEL and meny more SNOWBOARD EVENTS + working at Surf / Wakeboard / FMX / Skateboard / MBX events all over Scandinavia.

Sponsors like WE / BURTON / DRAGON / FOX RACING / DC SHOES / SKANK / ZION CLOTHING.. just to name a few of his sponsors thru the years.

Around 30 diffrent record companys has sponsor DJ RAS-I-DOOR thru the years with VINYL Records ( VP RECORDS & GREENSLEEVS RECORDS & PENTHOUSE RECORDS and more.

Playing everything from DUB / Jungel / Launch / Dancehall / Hip Hop / RnB / DB / Electro / House to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock mash up´s..

Playing at BIG national clubs in Finland , Norway , Denmark , Italy , America ( Florida tour 2008 ) , Zambia ( Zambia National Radio ) and lately coming from a 5 mounth tour in Gambia 2010 with Earth Quake Sound System from Brikama.

DJ RAS-I-DOOR also had a Radio show in Gambia at Paradise FM for 3 ½ months every sunday.

Playing with DJ´s like Alf Tumble / Christian Falk / Sleepy / Nicenezz / DJ FLARS / EL-BRAVO

DJ RAS-I-DOOR is now a days not only a DJ.... he is also a Sound engineer !

Working with artists " LIVE " and studio.




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