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San Antonio, TX, United States


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Genre distinctions are useful in a record store, but I have no use for them in music creation. I'd rather you hate my music than not feel anything.

Physically disabled south Texas singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and private music teacher, for twenty-plus years and more recently, producer of electronic music. Limited in equipment and software, but big on ideas - unfortunately that combination doesn't always produce listenable music, so there has been a long learning curve of which I feel like I'm barely beginning to see the benefits...

I only have one remix under my belt that was well received, and none that I'm personally thrilled with, but I am certain that will change imminently.

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When your vision is bigger than your gear can accurately produce, you have to be conscious of that. This song was an attempt to produce a minimal, straightforward and dj friendly song with a limited number of elements. I also was listening to a lot of Burial at the time, lol...