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Ralph Edison

São Paulo, Brazil


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About Ralph Edison

Williams Ralph Edison was born in St Marc, Haiti in a neighborhood called Portail Guepe . Ralph Edison was brought up along with his siblings by his grandmother after the unfortunate passing away of his beloved mother in 2000. He was only 9 years old and had to rely on his grandmother until his was old enough to Cather for himself and his siblings. 

Beginning of his musical career[edit]
At the age of 15 Ralph Edison started struggling by selling shoes on the street to raise money for school fees both for himself and his siblings .Edison’s music career was inspired by his mother when she was alive and when she passed away he decided to put more effort in that aspect of his life. In 2006 he met a friend that introduced him to a band called the cleaver boys where he recorded his first song Abandone. After he left the band, he moved to the capital Port Au Prince, Perlerin where he wrote his first song Ki avni timoun . In 2009 he went to Dominican Republic and met a friend that has a studio and recorded the song ki avini timoun.

Mixing reggae and Roots[edit]

By the end of 2009 he went to Porto Rico where he met a friend called Julby Boutin , he helped him to make an instrumental for a song. In 2013 he recorded a single ‘’Babylon’’ with the instrumental he got from Porto Rico. In September same year he moved to Brasil and met Alex Boyoyo ,who decided to help him further his career . Alex had a studio where Ralph Edison recorded from by using his beats and riddims from the internet . He made his first mix tape called ‘’This is how me dey’’.

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I just love doing what i like.