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Raised By Wolves!

We are Franxisco & Kevin.
We Meet 2 years ago, over Soundcloud, right away we got a good connection and started talking on a daily basis.
Kevin was a co owner of a super small digital record lable, and Franxisco had 2 releases on it.
Kevin have been producing for over 7 years, and Franxisco for over 5 years.
We have been Jumping around in all styles of music, 
Garage, Disco, House, Electro house, progressive house, Hardstyle, Olschool & Jumpsyle, 
mostly for educational purposes.

We Tend to like our song to be Agressive, Bouncey, Melodic & Emotional.


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So since i dont have a pro plan on SC i cant change the name from BUY to Free Download. But neverless its still 110% free

Badman sound.

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