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Hello! My name is Franxisco Müllo. Im from Gothenburg, Sweden and im 26 years old. I been producing for around 2-3 Years, but mostly experimented to grow my musical knowledge. I worked hard on this song, sound designing, Arrangment, experimenting with samples and vocals, chopping etc. I named the song ''Proximi mei'', meaning ''My family'', The reason i named it ''Proximi mei'' is due to the fact that my family have had a lot of hard years, and we allways fought our way through and we stayed strong. I lived withg my single mom who fought alcoholism, never really had a good contact with my father. But the love i feel for my family, is what drives me to make music, and stay true to myself.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Raised by wolves


Stems (33)

psy_Kick 2
xizco 2_Acid
xizco 2_Anjuna
xizco 2_Anjuna_2
xizco 2_Bus
xizco 2_Bus_2
xizco 2_Bus_3
xizco 2_Bus_4
xizco 2_Bus_5
xizco 2_Choir
No audio available
xizco 2_Clap
xizco 2_Closed Hat #1
xizco 2_Closed Hat #2
xizco 2_Kick
No audio available
xizco 2_Lead
xizco 2_Loop #1
xizco 2_Loop #2
xizco 2_Mid Bass #1
No audio available
xizco 2_Mid Bass #2
xizco 2_Mid Bass #3
No audio available
xizco 2_Noise
xizco 2_Open Hat #1
No audio available
xizco 2_Open Hat #2
xizco 2_Percussion FX
xizco 2_PIANO
xizco 2_Recrash
No audio available
xizco 2_Reeverb Kick
xizco 2_Saw Pluck
xizco 2_Square
xizco 2_Square_2
xizco 2_Sub Bass
xizco 2_Sweep Up


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