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This song was inspired by my relationship with my friends. I really wanted my first song to be about them, how they make me feel when I am around them. We also incorporated the aspect of outer space and stars and constellations because I admire space and Astronomy so much and I hope to write a song about it in the future. During the summers in my hometown, we have concerts on the green in the middle of the town. It’s like a social gathering that so many people go to, to listen to music, lay back and spend time with your friends and family. I love going to these. I would go with my parents and when we got there I would split off to hang out with my friends and sometimes we would go a block or two down the street where there was dim light but also close enough to be able to still hear the music, we lay down in the grass and look up at the stars and admire them. We would get into really deep conversations and talk and laugh and have fun being where we were and recognizing the moment and the people we were sharing it with. I always felt that when I am with my friends, my smile is so bright that it can light up the night. I felt like it was a magic moment that needed to be shared.

Posted 5 months ago
Owned by Rachel Jaymes


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Maaga 5 months ago

You remind me of LIGHTS. Great song! Thank you for sharing this project with us! Maaga A&R SKIO Music


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