Hello, I'm RAANG

My passion for music grew the day I wanted to share my feelings with people, to share unique sensations and to mark each person little by little. I have been dedicating myself to the music industry since I am passionate and I am very interested in learning more about music every day.

Music is and is part of our lives and is vital to our mind, we will always find that song of our favorite artist that makes us feel happy, sad or that makes us feel ourselves with lyrics so deep that they identify us in each one of the events of our life.

Remember that music will always be with us and is one of the most beautiful things that happened to this world, thank you for existing and listening to my music.

With affection: René Rangel.

I am a music producer from Mexico.

(The goal of music is to make you feel something new.

That is my goal with my audience.)


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This is my remix " Lick It - Valentino Khan " Enjoy it ;)

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