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When I was 15, EMF released Unbelievable! The anthem fit right in with all the music I was listening to. I had been to large concerts, but never smaller venues that held a few thousand people. EMF played the Concert Hall in Toronto, with future friends Technicolor Raincoats as support act. The place erupted, and their show gave me my first taste of rockin energy, mosh pits and crowd surfing. A year or so later Unexplained EP and (my top 5 records of all time) Stigma were released, solidifying their status as my favourite band. Cha Cha Cha was the album played on my 1st acid trip! I lacked money to fly over to England for the greatest hits shows, and I was devastated with the passing of Zac Foley. On a trip to see PWEI in 2005, I bumped into Derry at the Sheppards Bush Empire and told him everything I've just said. This remix is pretty much the accumulation of my fandom, and I had a blast doing it! PS, I'd kill to remix The Light that Burns Twice as bright! :) Long live the new flesh!


Posted 12 months ago
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Skyjaam 1 year ago

Nice job !!! I like it !

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quick Kick 1 year ago

Thanks so much Skyjaam! Yours is good too! I dig the synth vibe!!

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